Why MacularDefense

If you are currently using an eye vitamin, ask yourself the following questions:
Does it contain the AREDS 2 formula?
Does it contain naturally derived Lutein AND Zeaxanthin?
Does it contain natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl succinate)?
Is it free of potentially harmful additives and vitamin fillers?
Does the formula use the most recent scientific data?
Is it made in an USA GMP certified lab?
Is it safe for smokers and non-smokers alike?

MacularDefense can answer YES to all these questions.

MacularDefense is the most advanced formula available
Developed by a team of retina specialists in the USA
Builds upon the original AREDS formula with Lutein, Zeaxanthin and B Vitamins
Premium quality Lutein (FloraGLO®) and Zeaxanthin (OPTISHARP™)
Natural ingredients with no fillers
Vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free
Easy to swallow capsules
Made in a GMP certified lab

  MacularDefense® ICAPS Areds Formula Ocuvite Adult 50+ PreserVision Areds 2 Areds 2 Formula
Daily Dose 2 4 1 2
Vitamin A 28640 IU
Vitamin C 500 mg 452 mg 150 mg 250 mg 500 mg
Vitamin E 400 IU 400 IU 30 IU 200 IU 400 IU
Zinc 40 mg 69.6 mg 9 mg 40 mg 80 mg
Copper 1 mg 1.6 mg 1 mg 1 mg 2 mg
Selenium 40 mg
Omega-3 Fatty Acids 250 mg;
Lutein* 10 mg 5 mg 5 mg 10 mg
Zeaxanthin* 4 mg 1 mg 1 mg 2 mg
Vitamin B6 40 mg
Vitamin B12 120 mcg
Folic Acid 400 mcg
Additives sunflower byproduct bovine gelatin, soybean oil, coconut oil, corn oil, lecithin, vegetable glycerides, beeswax, polyunsaturated oils, caramel, titanium dioxide, FD&C red #40 lake, oxalic acid, metal salts, di-alpha-tocopherol, FD&C yellow #6 lake, cuprous oxide. gelatin, fish oil (anchovy, sardine), glycerin, yellow beeswax, silicon dioxide, soy lecithin, FD&C red #40, FD&C blue #1. ascorbic acid, gelatin, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, glycerin, soybean oil, peanut oil, zinc oxide, marigold flower extract, soy lecithin, yellow beeswax, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, cupric oxide, FD&C red #40, FD&C blue #1.  

*Only MacularDefense uses the premium, all natural lutein (FloraGLO®) and zeaxanthin (OPTISHARP™).

MacularDefense® ingredients: 2 capsules, once a day.
Vitamin C: 500 mg
Vitamin E (natural d-alpha tocopheryl succinate): 400 IU
Zinc: 40mg
Copper: 1 mg
Lutein (natural brand, FloraGLO®): 10 mg
Zeaxanthin (natural brand, OPTISHARP™): 4 mg
Vitamin B6: 20mg
Vitamin B12: 10 mcg
Folic Acid: 400 mcg